/ˈvɜr dɪˌgris, -grɪs/ Spell Syllables


  1. a green or bluish patina formed on copper, brass, or bronze surfaces exposed to the atmosphere for long periods of time.

I have chosen Verdigris as a name because it symbolises the passage of time through my life and experience as an artist. It illustrates the building and development of my practice. I began studying as a designer and maker working in graphics, fine art sculpture print making and glass through to disciplines in fabric work. Throughout all of this was a constant need to express feeling through form in space, the creation of experiences through media for myself as maker and for my audience. It was important for me to break down gallery barriers and for my work to be tactile and touched. This is the basis of my passion. I was lucky enough to begin to create decorations for club nights, and begin to win contracts at some of the most creative festivals in the country and end up freelancing for film company Christmas parties and London Fashion Week . 4 years ago I decided to create a platform for my own passions and have an outlet to explore new ideas, so when it came to branding it felt important to call the business something that was not only personal, but represented the new journey as well as the old. A new shade of green.